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Green Impressions is a landscape architecture, photography and research firm based in Melbourne, Australia. We undertake projects of all scales and types, based both locally (in Australia) and internationally. We provide landscape design and master planning services. With each project we start with an in-depth site analysis; concept design; design development and documentation and contract administration. We also provide landscape photography for both research and promotional purposes and environmental design research. 

Greenimpressions-La is differentiated from other small design firms as we place a strong emphasis on blending aesthetics with ecology considerations to achieve biophilic design solutions aimed at enhancing the well being of the users of projects.  We focus on creating  innovative designs using a wide plant materials palette and sustainable materials. As an integral part of design process, we often undertaken  research into the site's local context and history, aesthetics and ecology and the way people respond to sites and design projects. In this way our understanding and sensitivity to sites lets us go beyond creating mere decorative spaces but those that blend natural and cultural elements and systems to draw out the of sense of a site. 

Elahna Nevans Green



Green Impressions combines landscape architecture, photography and design research emphasising a multi-disciplinary approach. This starts by conceiving projects as integral entities  in which landscape and architectural elements are seamlessly integrated to achieve the highest aesthetic results while also creating sustainable environments, for example by seeking to minimise the use of potable water and fossil fuel derived energy in their construction and later operation. This is why our team consists of landscape architects/urban designers, architects, photographers, ecologists, environmental psychologists and others when required. With this multi-disciplinary approach we can address complex design issues from large-scale urban master planning o the design of smaller landscape interventions, such as parks, squares and private gardens. 

Professor Ray Green



 Professor Ray Green began his career in the visual fine arts then switching to landscape architecture, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture (Cum Laude), a Master of Landscape Architecture and a Doctor of Philosophy. Ray was inspired at a young age to combine his interest in biology and ecology with the visual fine arts.

Ray has been involved in landscape architectural practice, teaching and research for over three decades. He has undertaken numerous projects in the Americas, South East Asia and Australia. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects, bestowed on him in recognition of his accomplishments in the field, which in the words of the ASLA Council of Fellows Executive Committee, was for his:

“...substantial landscape architecture research, teaching, and practice. His most noteworthy achievements have come from his generation of fresh insights and how he shares those widely though international publications, speaking engagements, and work across a range of professional communities. His research has revealed, for instance, how various communities react to rapid environmental transformation from tourism and population shifts, which is especially critical with fragile coastlines, wetlands, and mountains. He also studies the benefits of ecotourism as it increases contact with nature of an increasingly urban population.”